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Some 2020 feedback


Jay's e cymbal set



Some feedback from Tomas who has had his Diamond drums for many years ...

Hi there Dave and long time no see.. ;-)

Just wanted to let you know that your kit is still hanging in there with no problems what so ever!

Many many hours of playing each year and nothing ever coming loose or needed fixing .

Thanks a lot Dave and best of luck to you in the future.




Jay's e cymbal set



Sean received his e cowbell ...

Great Dave thanks. It arrived today - very nice indeed!



Jay's e cymbal set

Jay's e cymbal set

LeRoy's oyster 5 piece


Finally set up my new e-cymbals hand crafted by Dave at Diamond Electronic Percussion and I couldn’t be happier! Exactly what I needed to help the kit look a little more “real” while completing the look I love for the BEAR - CLUB set up... the lights are really gonna pop when they hit these bad boys! I’ve gone for smaller sizes to complement the kit (14” hats, a pair of 16” crashes and 18” ride) and they marry up with the Roland brain perfectly.

One very happy Jay!

LeRoy's oyster 5 piece

LeRoy's oyster 5 piece

LeRoy's oyster 5 piece


Hey Dave

Most definitely an awesome kit very sensitive triggering

Awesome feel on the mesh heads 

Awesome craftsmanship

Dave @ Diamond Drums did an outstanding job very very happy customer here 🙂

These where well worth the wait 🙂 so it’s anyone is ordering custom kit you can’t rush quality 🙂

Let Dave do his magic 

You will not be disappointed 

I love them


Matt's trigger

LeRoy's oyster 5 piece

Matt's trigger


Hey Dave! 

I received the trigger today and got the chance to quickly set it up tonight. Just wanted to say I’m super happy with it! All really simple to install and the screwdriver came in handy. Thank you! 

Only got to mess with the module settings now, but already love the feel of this over the pdx12 pad. 

Thanks again